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That the two hundred years of the man’s history are?

All changed so quickly around us. This brutal mutation is not without consequence today. We cultivate the man’s exploitation by the man to the point where, those that are deprived meet in a situation of revolt; what pushes them to become of the outlaw because to answer this injustice, they think that the unique solution is to take itself/themselves noch to the other or to the weakest, to appropriate of their goods to solve their difficulties.

We will mention for memory the verse 19-21 Admonishes 6 of the Bible according to Mathieu saint :

"You don’t accumulate some treasures on the earth, where the burr and the rust destroy, and where the thieves pierce and steal"

"But accumulate yourselves of the treasures in the sky, where the burr and the rust don’t destroy, and where the thieves don’t pierce steal,"

"Because where is your treasure, there will also be your heart"

We are all person responsible of this beastly situation; indeed we forgot that the pleasure is only worth if it is shared by all.

Sos delinquance proposes you another vision of solidarity and the sharing thus through its program of reinsertion.

Together, let’s construct a future for those that don’t have them the luck to live under lenient heaven!

Let’s retrogress to the pure and simple idea to say that:

"The pleasure to give has equal that the one to receive!"

"Help us to help the Other."

Thank you !

SOS Delinquency